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NNS Records
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The Featured Artists Collective 

at Nashville North Studios 


20 Featured Artists

20 Artists in our Featured Artists Collective at NNS!  You will be amazed at the high level of talent. 
Judy and Jim
# 1. Teresita Abad Doebley

Her introduction to art was due in large part to family influence. Except for mosaics and a few watercolor lessons she was not a school-trained artist.  Then Isaiah Zagar of The Philadelphia Magic Gardens introduced her to mosaics, which led her to Luciana Notturni at the Ravenna Mosaic Art School in Italy where Teresita was trained in the ancient and Ravenna methods of mosaics. She is a retired English/ESL teacher, master gardener, fisherman and gypsy who resides in New Jersey.


Teresita's philosophy: "Time is limited."

#2 Ericka Midiri

As an artist, Mrs. Midiri specializes in colorful and vibrant acrylic paintings whose subject matter includes portraits, theater architecture and landscapes. Her style combines lighting and shading of Realism with the energy, exuberance with pure, brilliant colors of the Fauves, a French group of painters who flourished at the turn of the 20th century.