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2010 Trop Rock Award, Best Song
"Nashville North Studios" includes Jim's music production in a state-of-the-art recording studio plus NNS Records, a unique country music record label, as well as Judy's colorful nature paintings and works by many local artisans.  The studio is open Monday through Saturday from 12 am until 6 pm and by appointment.  Both art and music merchandise is available for purchase at Nashville North Studios. 
WIthin "tHe-art of Winter" is "Media Alert", a variety of works from media related artists.  Three of these artists will be joining us to talk about what they have done and what they do now.

The 1 PM art talk will be led by Tim Faherty, a pastel artist and former long time graphics editor at The Press of Atlantic City.  He will talk about the history and priactice of newspaper illustration and how his storytelling experience informs his current work.  At 1:30 pm Charles Wray, a former press editor will koin in to talk about his works including "Democracy" and "Journalisn't".  Chcarlie will discuss how to "print" on wood using your home printer.  He'll also explain why wood itself is "Mixed media" and provide tips for improving your workspace, no matter what the medium.  Finally, he will explore how to engage the creative power of "happy accidents" and how lines and shapes whisper inspiration, if you know how to listen.

At 3 pm, Bill Horin, former Press of AC photographer, art advocate, part of SNJ Today and as the Creative Director of Art C, he says "Most of my photographs are creative photos of creative people.  I will talk about how to use unique lighting interesting composition & your imagination to capture images that will grab people's attention & reflect the artist in all of us."  He will also discuss how to photograph your art work!

It will be memorable to say the least.  Since our space is limited reservations are required.  Please call 609-504-5044 to reserve your spot for Art Talk!


The career of Grammy Award Winner
Billy Ray Cyrus
was launched in our studios by

Country Great, Del Reeves!


We have mixed

Grammy Award Winner
Gretchen Wilson's GAC Special.

Grammy Award Winner

Linda Davis

recorded her album

"I Have Arrived" in our studios!


From this studio also came a #1 Billboard Single from

Country Super Star, Reba McEntire,
as well as a 10 million seller by
Grammy Award Winner

LeAnn Rimes
and countless others!


Reba McEntire
LeAnn Rimes
Linda Davis
Gretchen Wilson