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     Jim Allison, Producer

Nashville North Studios
NNS Records

     When you visit Nashville North Studios, you will also enjoy art with your music.  And just as songs can evoke certain emotions and feelings within us, so too can art!  Our  studio showcases the best artists of South Jersey in pleasant exhibition rooms.  One and all are welcome to Nashville North Studios 4th Friday of every month art openings featuring live music.  The hours are 6:00-7:30 pm.  We look forward to seeing you.  


Thank you for your support!


Judy and Jim


     If you need any assistance with your new album cover please consider using some of our original images.  We are happy to offer a free consultation on your next album cover.
      The  following are some original artworks of current exhibitors in our gallery space at NNS.    Examples       of  Judy's paintings can be seen at     
     If you have an idea and want to talk about it, give us a call at your convenience.  We want your music to look as good as it sounds.


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     2017 Copy write laws protect these images.  No reproductions of these images may be made without written permission from the artist and NNS. 


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