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      Jim Allison, Producer

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Grammy nominated, Jim Allison...

    has been in the music business most of his life.  After a career singing and playing his Gretsch Guitar all over our United States, he opened his studio in Nashville, Tn.  In 1985 he founded  the Aria Record Label and Allisongs and used his time in Nashville to launch the musical careers of some of our greats.  He can offer you the tools to be successful in your own right at his new studio, Nashville North Studios.
     Brent Burns has had 10 albums produced by Jim.  Brent is an award winning act in the "Trop Rock Music" scene.  In 2010 Jim produced and co-wrote Trop Rock Music award winning album and song, "I've Got a Beach in My Backyard"

Full Production Demo
How can they sound so good and be so inexpensive?

Formerly in the heart of Music Row, Nashville North Studios now has 2 production studios.  We are headquartered in Linwood, New Jersey and also have an affiliate studio in Nashville, Tennessee.  Our New Jersey location is close to New York City, Philadelphia, Pa. and Washington, D.C. At Nashville North we achieve optimal sound using Radar digital technology in conjunction with premier analog tubes.  Check out Jim Allison Nashville Song Demo on Facebook and give us a like!  

I'm a songwriter outside of Nashville.  Why should I use Nashville North Studios?
You no longer need to live in Nashville to get that Nashville 
sound.  Now it is just as easy as if you were living within the Music City limits. We specialize in professional mail order demos. This is a service created for songwriters who want radio-ready sound.

Who are the musicians on my demo?
Buddy Jewel and Grammy Award Winner Linda Davis were both demo singers for us. Now they are world famous stars.  We have everyone from Kid Rock's steel guitar player to Loretta Lynn's star back up singer. Want that rockin' sound? Then we use members of one of Nashville's most popular rock bands!  We have professional  musicians who can
play any genre of music.

What's included?
Included studio musicians are: Drums, bass, rhythm guitars, lead guitars, pianos, organ and percussion. The song also includes vocals, harmonies, all production, mixing, mastering, and digitizing to a CD, as well as shipping back to you.  

What if I want a special instrument not listed?
If you need special instruments (such as  harmonica, fiddle, steel guitar, etc.), there is an additional charge per song.

How do I get started? - (Songwriter's Demos)
All you do is send your work tape, a copy of the lyrics, production notes and payment to Nashville North Studios. Just contact Jim via email at or you can call him personally at 615.268.1680. If you do email, please include a phone number where you can be reached.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Check or Money Order. Just email (
or call Jim at 615.268.1680.

I'm a singer, but have no original songs! Help!
It is widely known that record labels are not interested in being pitched songs where people are singing the latest Martina McBride song (or whomever the latest hit is by!). If you are a singer who finds yourself singing cover songs and you don't have your own originals, we have ownership of a catalog of original songs written by some of Nashville's chart-topping writers. These songs are available for you to use, to sing, to put on your own album, and to promote your vocal talents with a potential hit!