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I'm a singer, but have no original songs!
Record labels, publishers, etc.. are looking for a new voice with  a new song behind it.  They are not looking for demos of people singing Carrie Underwood or Keith Urban songs.  Nashville North Studios has ownership of an entire catalog of original songs for you to use.  These songs are written by some of Nashville's chart-toppinwriters but they have never been cut by major label artists. N
ow we are offering these songs as a service for new and upcoming vocalists who need original songs.

What's the price and what's included? 
The rights to the songs to promote on radio,  television
 or internet, your vocal time in the studio, mixing, mastering and digitizing to a CD, even shipping (if needed). Included in this price are the rights to use these songs to promote yourself.  You can include it on your own independent album or use the tracks to sing them at live performances.  We simply send you a catalog of songs to choose from, and once you choose the songs you want to record, we can either ship the tracks to you on CD, or you can come to our Nashville, Tn. or Linwood, NJ studio. 

How do I get started? - Singer Needing Songs
Just email and tell us the following:
     - Do you need male or female songs?
     - How many songs are you looking to record?
     - When are you looking to record these songs?

This is for serious inquiries only. Jim Allison will send you a package of songs in the mail.  These songs will already have  the vocals recorded on them so that you can choose which songs you would like to record. You simply get back with him on the songs that you've chosen and you either set up an 
appointment for recording, or you have us ship the tracks to you via mail to record at a studio in your home town!