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The Featured Artists Collective 

at Nashville North Studios 


Featured Artist Collective

Artists in our Featured Artists Collective at NNS!  
You will be amazed at the high level of talent.  
Here are some examples of their works.
Judy and Jim
#2 Ericka Midiri

As an artist, Mrs. Midiri specializes in colorful and vibrant acrylic paintings whose subject matter includes portraits, theater architecture and landscapes. Her style combines lighting and shading of Realism with the energy, exuberance with pure, brilliant colors of the Fauves, a French group of painters who flourished at the turn of the 20th century.

#3.  G. Matthew Dixon
By day G. Matthew Dixon is a graphic and web designer, but by night and weekends he prefers to be out in nature painting in Plein Aire or in his studio with his pastels. capturing moments in time around his local area.  "I try to capture a fleeting moment with my work.  It it's the light at a certain time of day, or the moment a wave reaches its peak before crashing down.  That is what I attempt to reveal to the viewer."
#4.  William McKensie
William Stephen McKensie was born in Dallas, Pa.  He loved art all of his life and was influenced all of his life by his Grandfather, Stephen Perdunn, who was one of the artists for the Saturday Evening Post.  He studied under Floyd Norman in Geneva, NY, and Jane Whiting Chrzanoska of Mays Landing, NJ>  WSM as he signed his work has shown in New York City, New Jersey and Geneva, NY.  His expressive style in acrylic is the emotional expression of his life, which ended much to early.  
#5.  Vera Mae Townsend
V. Mae Townsend paints in many mediums.  Here her featured works reflect her use of watercolor on paper.  Her subject matter reflects life around her including people, pets and her beloved water scenes.  See more of Mae's works at Nashville North Studios.  
#6.  Shirley Hawthorne
Shirley Hawthorne grew up in rural Southern New Jersey, where she developed an appreciation for the beauty in simple things and a love of nature.  Today landscapes and natural forms are the most likely subject of her paintings in both oil and paste.  See more of her works at Nashville North Studios.
#7.  Arlene Groch
For Arlene Groch,creating art has been her passion, both while she was a practicing trial attorney and now in her retirement.  She is proud to have been designated a National Niche Craft Award Finalist.  She creates unique Statement Necklaces, pendants and earrings.  She uses Italian Millefiore and many other techniques to manipulate polymer clays into the patterns you see, then cure, sand and buff each bead to a light durable finish.  
#8.  Barry Pisetzner
Barry Pisetzner has been making art for over 40 years.  After first studying architecture and art at the University of Miami, he transferred to Parsons School of Design in New York, where he graduated in 1981 with a B.F.A. majoring in Communication Design.  He began his professional career in Paris, France, working in the studio of the artist, Ruth Francken.