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Currently in our Studio, we have available the music CD's pictured below, as well as works of art by many local fine artists.  In addition to paintings and photographs we also have stone carvings, clayworks, note cards, painted furniture and giclee prints.  And the Fourth Friday of every month we have an Art and Music Reception featuring exhibitions by artists and performances by very talented local musicians.  We hope you will join us.
The slide show below features works by Elise Cashman Bond in our current exhibit "Kaleidoscope".
by Dave Hangley
To purchase, please call 615-268-1680
NoteCards of Original Sunflower Paintings
All Note Cards are hand made in our studio.  If you choose lined envelope this too is done by hand.  All note cards are from Original paintings by Judy Saylor Allison and can be shipped directly to you.  The cost of each card with a lined envelope is $6.00.  The cost of other note cards with other images and with a plain envelope is$4.00.  Of course postage and handling will be added.  Thank you for considering our note cards.  You will not see these available anywhere but through our studio.